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OmniCADD SDS is a group of programs that work together to customize AutoCAD
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OmniCADD SDS is a group of programs that work together to customize AutoCAD to meet the needs of engineers who design sprinkler systems. This section describes a partial list of the capabilities of this program.

Main features:
-Quickly and accurately draw the walls of a building, and make modifications for "custom" areas within the building.
-Work within either a generic warehouse environment in which a sprinkler piping floor plan can quickly be generated, or within a custom environment that gives you total control over all parameters of the sprinkler system you are designing. A drawing may consist of areas that are drawn within both the custom and warehouse environments.
-Access a complete library of all commonly specified components of a sprinkler system, such as nozzles, pipe materials, hangers and the like.
-Generate a complete stocklisting report (Fabrication sheets) directly from within the program, and generate new takeouts and material pricing as often as required by changes in the drawing.
-Accommodate pricing information from up to three vendors and enter user-defined devices into the database.
-Handle errors in drawings easily by "undoing" the insertion of entities and their attributes. This feature also resets environmental variables within the program and ensures that unwanted information is not accidentally left in your drawing.
-Automatically insert General Notes and Symbols, System Design notes, pipe materials, hangers, riser details, and other information.
-Automatically create a title block, and easily enter and edit title information.
-Automatically generate ceiling plans and lighting grids for a variety of standard lighting and unlimited custom configurations.
-Insert hangers, and automatically calculate their length and placement.
-Automatically layout the piping sprinkler system, heads and attachment of piping to heads and fittings.
-Automate existing hydraulics software.
-Make calculations for system weight and volume (dry pipe systems, shipping weight, etc.)

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